Become a board member

Toastmasters Groningen has a yearly-rotating board. Each year around May, a new board is elected.

Below are descriptions of the 7 board positions of our Toastmasters club. Next to fulfilling the responsibilities of a particular position in the board, being a board member means that you will be part of an enthusiastic team that works together to run the club successfully, and that sometimes finds solutions for challenges when they arise.

The experience you will gain will be beneficial in many other situations in business or organizing events for example.

  • President

    Responsibilities: Fulfilling the mission of the club, providing general supervision of the operation of the club focussing on club quality and the members’ experience, providing leadership for the club whenever it’s required. The president chairs the meetings of the board of the club and serves as the club’s representative in area and division events.

    Skills you’ll develop: Assertiveness, leading and motivating a team, taking initiative, creating and implementing a vision.

  • For more information about the role of the President, read page 22-25 of the Club Leadership Handbook or ask Rain, the current President.


  • Vice President Education (VPE)

    Responsibilities: Scheduling members’ roles in club meetings primarily speeches as all other roles people can grab for themselves, but if the meeting is shortly and there are still roles available these should assigned to people after all. In doing so the VPE should try to meet the educational needs of the individual members, so help them in walking to both the communication and the leadership tracks.  To this end the Toastmasters education program should be explained to members, ensuring that all meeting roles are understood, goals are set and the agenda is properly and fairly filled.

    Skills you’ll develop: Organization, handling multiple demands and prioritizing them,  eye for quality and detail, patience, guidance to others to formulate and set goals.

  • For more information about the role of the VPE, read page 25-27 of the Club Leadership Handbook or Claire, the current VPE.
  • Vice President Membership (VPM)

    Responsibilities: Managing the process of bringing in guests and transforming them into members. Initiating contact with guests, making them feel welcome, and providing them with the information they need to join, processing membership applications etc. You also strategize how to overcome membership challenges when they occur.

    Skills you’ll develop: Networking and people/communication skills

  • For more information about the role of the VPM, read page 28-30 of the Club Leadership Handbook or ask Dimas, the current VPM.
  • Vice President Public Relations (VPPR)

    Responsibilities: Publicizing the club to the outside world and notifying the public about the club and the benefits it provides, updating social media and web content whenever there is something newsworthy.

    Skills you’ll develop: Networking & marketing skills

  • For more information about the role of the VPPR, read page 30-34 of the Club Leadership Handbook or ask Geerte, the current VPPR.
  • Secretary

    Responsibilities: Handling club correspondence, leading board meetings and writing board meeting minutes. Also there may be tasks of the VPE where you can assist.

    Skills you’ll develop: Organization, documentation expertise

  • For more information about the role of the Secretary, read page 34-36 of the Club Leadership Handbook or ask Jasper, the current Secretary.
  • Treasurer

    Responsibilities: You are in charge of the club’s finances: managing the club’s bank account, making payments on behalf of the club, collecting membership dues, creating a budget, keeping financial records etc.

    Skills you’ll develop: Financial awareness, accounting, careful foresight

  • For more information about the role of the Treasurer, read page 37-39 of the Club Leadership Handbook or ask Fernand, the current Treasurer.


  • Sergeant at Arms

    Responsibilities: Keeping track of the club’s meeting materials and equipment, opening and closing our meeting space (Launch Café), making sure that the meeting room is prepared well in advance of the club meetings and rearranging it after the meeting.

    Skills you’ll develop: Organization of meetings and logistics planning for events.

  • For more information about the role of the Sergeant at Arms, read page 40-42 of the Club Leadership Handbook or ask Roos or Juan, the current Sergeants at Arms.